2012 : The possibilities

September 27, 2009

Previously, I was talking about the 2012 movie, today I’m going to talk about it more.

Seems like I’m obsessed about this whole thing already! XD


It started with the end of the Ancient Mayan calendar is scheduled for December 21, 2012. (Well, my calendar ended last year, didn’t buy the new one….but yeah, nothing happened  =P)

The possibilities of this “end” might mean is an incresingly hot topic on the internet. Maybe is because it might be the most important moment in the history!




What are the possibilities of what could happan on 2012?

- Large Hadron Collider

Scientists think they know the risk, but what if there’s a 0.000001% chance that their black hole calculations are wrong?  Although the CERN scientists said that it was impossible for a black hole to be created by the LHC. It woud decay if it had chance to do any damage.

-Ice Age

There is evidence that parts of our climate system work more like a switch than a dial, and if a certain level of temperature is reached, it may cause what is known as “abrupt climate change”. See the movie “The day after tomorrow” for you’ll know how it might work!

-Explosion from the black hole at the center of our galaxy

in 1983 Dr Paul LaViolette described the dangers of a Galactic core explosion. He explained that it would generate a cosmic ray superwave, and it would be signalled by a gamma ray burst. He also said that a gravity wave might travel ahead of the superwave. If seems likely that the 2004 tsunamis caued by the gravity wave.Because the accompanying GRB arrived just 21 hours later, and was the brightest ever observed, 100 times brighter than any other seen in recorded history. This gravity wave did’nt come from our galactic center, but if it had, perhaps the effects would have been much worse.

-Gamma Ray Burst GRB

GRB from a distance of just one kiloparsec could destroy half of Earth’s ozone layer. It has been suggested that the mass extinction in the past may caused by GRBs.

-Alien invaders

Currently no evidence founded but plenty of believers! 

-Cosmic Ray

Scientists are still trying to find where most high-energy cosmic rays come from. The cosmic rays already zipping inside our body every second. As one of example, airlines don’t let work on their inter-continental routes, because of the increased exposure to cosmic rays at those hieghts.

-Flu Pandermic

Our generation is unaware  of how bad the pandemic of 1918 was. It killed 50 millions people! It was the number one in rank that cause the death of soldiers in World WAR I, and being killed by the enemies came second.


There’re some more possibilities, but I’m going to talk about it more later since I think this’s quite long enough and you might get tired of reading it! =P

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  1.   Rafael N. on October 22, 2009 1:27 am

    Well, but for the essay we focused in a part of this, the global warming controversy instead.

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